Sarraizienne Jellies Jelly Shoes Jelly Sandals

Sarraizienne Jellies Jelly Shoes Jelly Sandals

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and other PVC, Plastic and Rubber footwear.

The French Original.

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Sarraizienne Jellies Jelly Shoes Jelly Sandals

1946 - 2013 (RIP)

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SARRAIZIENNE R.I.P. - The uncompromising quality of Sarraizienne products produced in France as they have been since 1946 have been determined by those in control to be no longer cost effective.  Consequently and very sadly no more Sarraizienne products will be produced and the moulds have been irrevocably altered (or should we say vandalised?) to promote the use of lower cost techniques and materials.

Similar style, low quality items will be produced and may be available elsewhere but La Meduse will not be stocking these.

Our stock is reducing daily so please forgive us if you get an "Out of Stock" message when ordering.


In response to a leather shortage in the immediate aftermath to World War II, Monsieur Jean Dauphant, founder of the firm Plastic-Auvergne SARRAIZIENNE, was the first in 1946 to create footwear from PVC and give us the wonderful world of Jelly Shoes.

Welcome to Sarraizienne Jelly Shoes

Jean Dauphant's classic designs were manufactured in the Auvergne region of France under the trade mark SARRAIZIENNE  from 1946 until June 2003 when the firm sadly closed.


Many of Monsieur Dauphant's designs have become icons - SARRAIZIENNE Sun is as evocative of the French Cote d'Azur in the 1950s and 60s as Brigitte Bardot  in a Riva Aquarama speedboat or Jean Paul  Belmondo wearing RayBan sunglasses! 


Now, manufactured in France using the original moulds, the  same quality raw materials and the same techniques employed by Monsieur Dauphant, we are proud to offer for sale here original brand SARRAIZIENNE footwear.


Our stock includes the iconic Sun T Bar Jelly Sandals also Java Jelly Shoes and Juta Jelly Shoes as well as the world renowned heavyweight Lima PVC Flip Flops.  We are always looking to expand our range and we can currently offer many other SARRAIZIENNE PVC Shoes, Boots  and Flip-flops to back order.

We also offer the fine Moroccan manufactured tribute to Sarraizienne Sun

 Hi T Bar Plastic Sandal


Today, just as for the last 60 years -

 SARRAIZIENNE, C'est le pied!


2013 - SARRAIZIENNE is no longer manufactured and only very limited old stock is available. 

Don't be confused between original French manufactured high quality SARRAIZIENNE products and shoddy, low quality imitations named such things as "Sun Jellies" or "Meduse"

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