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PVC and rubber footwear.

A French Original.

SARRAIZIENNE sizes are European...

Sarraizienne products have two sizes marked on them. 

One is in the European standard ranging from 23 to 46.

The other is in the British standard ranging from 5.5 to 13 for children and 1 to 11 for adults.

The USA have their own size standard and an estimation of these are given in the USA shop pages - but for guidance only.

Please be sure that the European size you are ordering is the size you want.  We will gladly exchange shoes but if we supply correctly as ordered we do ask the customer to pay the extra postage.  

The links opposite are to the excellent US shoe retail site

 which gives useful information on size conversions from one standard to another and from physical foot size to shoe size.

There is also a link to the superb

Chaussures et Confort fit finder chart

This is in .pdf format.  Please ensure that when you print the chart the length is 302mm 



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